Friday, 11 September 2015


I know it has been a ridiculously long time since I last updated this blog, but, as usual, that is because there is very little in the way of eczema to discuss!  But for anyone following my children's progress and wondering how they are doing 18 months down the line from starting treatment, here goes: 


Iris is now six years old.  She stopped all regular use of medicated creams in January of this year.  She had the odd small spot of eczema crop up but these all went with either one application of the cream or a bit of moisturiser.  She hasn't had any eczema at all since roughly June and we do not use anything on her skin unless she says she's feeling dry, which is pretty much never.  She has been swimming regularly for about a year now and has started weekly swimming lessons this month.  You would never know from looking at her that she ever had eczema.  I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E.


Bea is now three years old.  We slowly fazed out regular use of the medicated cream everywhere but her hands and wrists this summer, so I couldn't tell you exactly when we 'stopped' (maybe end of May?), but we have.  We do apply the cream to her hands and wrists as necessary, so from week to week she might have one daily application or twice weekly--it all depends on what she's been getting into.  That said, the 'eczema' we are treating on her hands is just that: boring, mild, uninteresting eczema.  A bit of red, some slightly dry skin, very little itch.  

As far as flares are concerned, she's not had any flares at all for months--I'm struggling to remember when she last had a full body flare.  She's had the odd patch at the top of her legs or on her right knee or ankle, but for at least the last month or so she hasn't had any eczema anywhere apart from her hands/wrists.  Amazingly, she has had a snotty nose this week, courtesy of beginning Nursery, and spiked a massive temperature yesterday...but her skin has remained unchanged.  This is a first for us.  A welcome first!

And don't think we've made it easy for either girls' skin: we've spent the summer camping, visiting beaches, digging in sand, paddling in the sea, scootering, bike riding, swimming, sweating, rolling around in grass, NOT bathing every day (!), wearing lots of different types of sunscreen...we aren't living in a bubble here, people.  We are just living.  Simple as.     

So, in summary, that's two girls who are essentially MEDICATION FREE.  No side effects, no drama, just clear skin and healthy children.  Thank you Dr. Aron!  

I'm not sure what the winter will bring, but I have every confidence that we are done and dusted now: eczema is no longer anything of a threat, or even much of a feature in our lives.  We may get the odd flare here or there, but we'll treat it and not worry about it disrupting our  lives.

I do not plan to update this blog beyond this point unless something spectacular occurs. Thanks for reading folks, and if you are hesitating at all about trying this treatment, don't.  This is it.  The end of the eczema tunnel: welcome to the light!  

Over and out.  


  1. Can you tell me if you are still using this method?

  2. First of all thanks to Bec for her presentation which is encouraging for parents who are curious to know about the efficacy of Dr.Aron's regimen.But this post is too old.With all my well wished to Bec , Iris and Bea ,I would like to know how are they now so far as eczema and other forms of allergy if they had any.