Friday, 17 April 2015

Springtime, one year on!

Still doing FANTASTICALLY well.  Iris continues to thrive with beautiful skin and no creams or medications.  She's had some delightful sneeze laden days since the pollen count has been creeping up, but no problems with her skin at all.  These days her life is filled with the excitement of losing teeth, Easter Egg hunts, and learning to ride her bike without stabilisers/training wheels!

Bea is also going from strength to strength.  With no more antibiotic in her mix since the end of January, she has now dropped to one app every five days.  She's doing just peachy on it.  She was hospitalised due to respiratory distress a few weeks ago and had a tiny flare whilst in hospital (not surprising as she often flares when ill).  We didn't have her creams with us, but by the next morning the flare had subsided of its own accord.  Absolutely amazing.  She has recently flared again when we tried to reintroduce vitamin supplements (note to those with eczema: it's no joke when docs recommend staying away from artificial flavourings and colourings--these have ALWAYS set Bea off!), but this too has subsided without incident or intervention.  It just boggles my mind how healthy and stable her skin is, compared to how it was just over a year ago.  I can't believe that we are now using half of the maintenance dose the NHS wanted us to use, and that was with a highly potent neat steroid, where now we are using a mid potent steroid diluted 13 times in a moisturiser base.  Incredible.

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  1. Hi Bec,

    My daughter has eczema spots same as you eldest daughter. Due to scratching, it become worse lately. I am considering to get Dr. Aron's help.
    Just wondering, does your daughter need to apply Dr. Aron's mixture all over her body, or only to the eczema spots?