Wednesday, 20 August 2014

End of summer update!

Oh dear, this is long overdue, but we've been so very busy this summer that I haven't managed to sit myself down long enough to get blogging!

The girls are doing BRILLIANTLY.  Iris is down to one application every third day and her skin has not, apparently, taken any notice of yet another reduction in treatment.  I am hoping that Dr. A will give us the go ahead to take her off the cream altogether in the next month or so.  She has, in other news, had a recurring dry skin problem around her mouth and on her lips, but we keep this under control with unmedicated creams and ointments and it isn't overly bothersome.  I don't class this with her eczema as a) she hasn't had proper eczema on her face since well before her first birthday and b) she gets this dry lip thingy whenever the weather fluctuates, and this pattern started two years ago when she began attending nursery.

Bea is also doing very well and has dropped down to one application per day.  For the first few days after reducing the applications, I did worry that the eczema was fighting back as she seemed to be developing a few areas of light, red spottiness.  But after a few days or so, all settled without any additional effort, and her skin has been great since.  While on holiday, she did have a teeny weeny flare on her wrists, but as with all of her flares recently (of which there have been few), this settled within a day with an application of the stronger cream we use for problem areas (i.e. wrists and ankles).

This summer we have been to lots of beaches, climbed trees, rolled in grass, camped, explored allotments, berry picked, more or less lived outdoors, and generally done all manner of eczema-inducing activities, but we have not managed to induce any eczema.  It has been revelatory.  Amazing.

School starts again in less than three weeks, and winter is coming.  Test time: stress and weather changes, and the joys of central heating versus icy temperatures.  And for once, I'm not worried about any of it: hurrah!

In scorching Edinburgh last month

Enjoying the beach at North Berwick, Scotland

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